RECap Incorporated RECap Inc. 8100 Eleven Mile Rd. Bear Lake, MI 49614. phone - 231.864.3959. fax - 231.864.3955
RECap Inc. RECap Inc. RECap Inc.
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Getting Started
Placing an Initial Order

Send 100 used caps of one style along with 1 new cap for reference.
Include contact name and phone number.
Then we will...

Within two weeks we return your remanufactured caps for testing.
When your testing is complete, we will provide a quote based on part mix and usage.
Provide collection container(s) for your used electrodes.

Mail to:
Attention Samples
RECap, Inc.
8100 Eleven Mile Road
Bear Lake, MI 49614

RECap Inc. RECap Inc.
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