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In 1993, RECap was established in response to the automotive industry’s demand for less expensive welding components offering maximum line performance. Since then, using an exclusive manufacturing process, we’ve proudly supplied millions of recycled resistance weld electrode caps (recycled caps) to leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers.
Recycled Caps
Recycled Caps
Recycled Caps
Easy Implementation and Significant Savings
At RECap we’ve developed a turnkey manufacturing and distribution program that makes it easy to use remanufactured electrodes.
Recycled caps are:

• Interchangeable with new caps so there is no training required to implement

• Easily incorporated into the process with no changes to weld schedules

• 20 - 75% less expensive than new caps

• Reusable - most caps can be recycled more than once

Fast Action Response
RECap’s patented cold forming process returns the caps to original part print dimensions for face diameter, length and taper. A 100 to 500-piece sample can be run for production tryout at no charge.

On-site Recycling Service
Returning used caps for recycling is a breeze with our on-site collection service. We supply 55-gallon drums, each on its own skid with the capacity to hold 1,500 pounds. Full containers are then shipped to RECap and the contents returned to you in 4 weeks.

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